Sunday, 27 July 2014

Alex Part 2

Read this first Alex Part 1
    This is where Alex lives, it is his mind.
    When Alex made Luna he was not lonely anymore, so he did not make any more people, instead he made animals. His favourite was the flying whale named Abe, he liked Abe the best because he was smart and he let Alex sleep on his back. Sometimes Alex was scared, but then he remembered the world was his mind, so he changed it, and then he was not scared anymore. Sometimes he found something he didn't understand, witch confused him because he created it, Alex doesn't like to think about these things. One night Alex and Luna went into the forest and Alex leaned against a tree and made a fire by blowing on some sticks. They liked fire because it was bright and the night was dark. Fire is Alex's favourite colour. Once Alex tried to make a shirt out of fire but it did not work, instead he got burnt. In his mind, Alex does not need to sleep, but sometimes he likes to lie down and pretend he is asleep. Alex still has a lot to explore in his mind

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