Wednesday, 20 August 2014


    Once there was a man named Jeff
    Jeff was made of water. Some days he would turn into a wave and play with the kids at the beach, but mostly he just counted shells and watched the fish swim around. One day the sky started to rain and rain and rain, and the water covered much more land than it used to. Jeff went exploring and looked in the peoples houses and in their stores and he was amazed by the things they had built. As time went by the people's things fell apart because they were not supposed to be under water, so Jeff asked the sun to heat up and dry the people's land. He wanted the people to come back and fix their homes. The next days were very warm and eventually the water was back where it used to be. The people came back and fixed their homes like Jeff wanted, but then he realised he could not explore them again because they were not under water anymore. Then Jeff ate a sandwich, the end

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