Thursday, 28 August 2014

Tony and Tanya

    Once there was a man named Tony and a girl named Tanya.

    They had never met and they both hated stars. Then one night their friends dragged them to a star gazing event, and that's where they met. They really liked each other but thought that the other liked stars. They both pretended to like stars so the other would be happy. As time went by they went to every star gazing event and looked at the stars every night for hours and it was pushing them both to the edge. Eventually Tony told Tanya that he had to stop spending time with her, he said it was because his mom was sick, but it was really because he hated stars. Tanya was sad that they stopped spending time together but she was glad that she could stop looking at stars. Then, many many years later they met again, and they confessed to each other that they really hate stars and had the whole time they were together. Then they were happy to be back together, but were sad about all the years that they had lost, The End

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