Sunday, 17 August 2014


    Once there was a mushroom named Sherman.

    He was very large as mushrooms go, and he had a red top with big white spots. Sherman was a very handsome mushroom, but the thing he was most proud of was his thick white stalk. Then one day a family of grass gnomes found him. They hollowed out his stock and cut windows and a door in him. It hurt. But then they planted a garden and a lawn and made little white picket fence around him, he liked that.

    After they moved in, Sherman grew to love the little grass gnomes. Then after several years had passed, all of the gnomes either moved away or died and Sherman was alone again, only now he was hollow. The wind felt cold, and for the first time, blew through him. The rain found it's way into his hollow stalk and he began to rot. He was sad.

    Then Sherman thought about the gnome family he had watched grow up, he missed them. However he was glad they were there for a while, even though he was left empty and rotting. Sherman thought of the grass gnomes having breakfast, and he left happy, the end

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